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In the course of playing the word cookies game, we also discovered some secret words which of course adds up to extra words library of which when filled, adds more word cookies coin to your gaming coin account.

Yes, we added all the extra words we found as well, which makes us different from the rest.


Home Baker

Novice Chef

Talented Chef


About Word Cookies

Word Cookies as you may already know is one of the most popular word games which has maintained top rankings on both iOS and Android stores respectively. For those who currently do not have the game, you can download word cookies game on android here and word cookies for IOs devices here.

Word cookies is a fantastic word puzzle game that helps you test your mental skills by giving you a group of scattered letters with the aim that you make meaningful words out of them. Word cookies has constantly emerged top in the rankings of the best word puzzle games across android platforms and IOS app stores alike. It is a puzzle game great for all ages.

Word Cookies is a fun game made by Bitmango which happens to specialize in this kind of mobile game field for those who love word search games. It is challenging, yet fun. You have to find the hidden words, but that can prove to be difficult. Which is why we created this site around answers for word cookies game (also referred to as word cookies cheats) on all levels as well as word cookies special level cheats to help you find word cookies answers.

The levels start off easy, but quickly becomes more challenging. The early levels will provide enough challenge for children, while the later ones will give adults or wordsmiths some level of difficulty. You won’t finish this game anytime soon. There are 32 packages and over 580 awesome levels. And with every update new levels are added.

The game is single player, which is a pro and con. You cannot challenge your friends, but you do not need to be burden by competition. Another highlight is the artwork, which is quite charming. You will definitely have a smile on your face when you play this game.

How to play Word Cookies

  • The main objective of this game is to find the hidden words that can be formed with the given letters.
  • You can discover different words by swiping your fingers over the given letters.
  • Words can be diagonal,vertical,horizontal and backwards. The found words will get highlighted on the word list.