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Nice to have you around and ooo.. yeah well, Welcome to Answersforwordcookies.com

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Our founders created this weblog to solve a trending semi problem faced by mobile phone users whom have downloaded and are now playing the word cookies game on their smartphones, tablets and Ipads.

“How do we make the word cookies game as simple and easy as possible to help game players pass those very difficult levels that makes them feel stuck and think the word cookies game is unplayable, while also helping them earn more cookies game coins which they can in turn use to buy/unlock other interesting features of the game”

Answers for Word cookies was created from the comfort of my small bed in my one room apartment after I saw my sister play the game and had boasted to me saying “There’s no way you can play this game man”..

While I was not really paying attention to what she was sayings, I did have them stored in my sub-conscious mind, which later came to me as a flash back the following night of the next day.

I decided to play the game but got stuck at some point.. Then I knew there is a problem to solve and that problem was to help others like me play the game with ease. So, I decided to start the whole word cookies game from afresh, and created this site, so I could document every single answer to every game level as well as hidden words that helps earn more cookies coins.

I hope that you find it helpful enough in your quest for the search of word cookies game answers.

Hope (Word Cookies game helper).


Our mission is very straightforward: Help as many players of the word cookies game get answers to levels that gets them stuck on the game 100% free. No incentives, no payment required.

What we do

The whole process is a very eay one. First we (myself and other friends that have now turned staff of this site) dedicate our time to playing the word cookies game, while jotting down every single words formed as well as hidden words found during the cause of word guessing.. After which we upload the answers online, here on this platform accordingly.

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